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All individuals have unique medical and nutritional needs. Consultations are on a one-on-one basis, where dietary goals and objectives will be discussed and decided upon. Your unique lifestyle, as well as “likes and dislikes” in food are taken into consideration, while each consultation is specifically tailored to meet your unique and individual needs.

During the initial consultation an assessment will be performed. This involves getting the following information from you:

Anthropometric Data

This is where the patient`s body weight, height, waist & hip circumference and other body measurements will be taken and analysed.

Biochemical Data

The patient`s most recent blood results (received from their doctor), including blood glucose, HbA1c, cholesterol and lipid profile, together with various other factors will be analysed and taken into account when formulating a specific meal plan for you.

Clinical Observations

Any gastrointestinal disturbances will be taken into account when formulating a meal plan for the patient.

Dietary History and Information

A diet history from the past few weeks as well as a food frequency questionnaire will be used to analyse the patient`s current dietary habits.

Activity Level

The patient`s activity level and exercise habits will also be discussed and taken into account when formulating a meal plan for the patient.


The patient`s short and long term goals will also be discussed.

Once the information from the patient`s assessment has been analysed and interpreted, the patient will receive an appropriate individually calculated meal plan according to their needs and/or diagnosis.

The patient will receive this plan at the next visit (normally 1-2 days after the first consultation).

Each follow-up consultation will provide the patient with reassessment and on-going nutrition education and support to help the patient achieve predetermined nutritional goals and objectives.