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For my first blog post I would like to highlight one of the most important and crucial points to me when it comes to healthy eating, and that is planning planning and once again planning. When you are at work, and 11.00 comes and your stomach is starting to rumble, you would naturally go out and find the quickest and easiest meal you can find, which 90% of the time will not be the healthiest and best option for you. If you packed a healthy lunchbox with a healthy lunch and easy on-the-go snacks on the other hand it would not have been necessary to compromise your health with unhealthy food options.

On a Sunday I normally do my food prep for the week ahead, which makes it much easier to adhere to healthy food choices when you have a busy week schedule ahead of you with little time to prepare food. I would pack snacks like nuts, seeds dried fruit and biltong in little containers so I can just grab it in the morning for our lunch boxes. For lunch I would do all the planning and food prep like cutting up vegetables and cooking chicken and sweet potatoes for example in bulk and keeping it in the fridge, so that in the morning before work I can just combine the different foods in a lunchbox.

If you have your healthy packed food with you at work or in the car if you mostly drive around for your work, your chances of sticking to a healthy eating regime is so much better!

So my first tip to you will be to plan your menu and food for the week ahead, as it eases your food preparation in the week and cuts out chances of falling for quick unhealthy food choices.

So get planning :)