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Up those fruit and veggies for cancer prevention

Up those fruit and veggies for cancer prevention

On the note of breast cancer awareness month in October and prostate cancer awareness this month, I decided to write something on cancer prevention and the correlation between cancers and diet. One third of cancers are linked to diet, developing over a long period of time. There is growing evidence that excess body weight increases the risk of cancer at several sites, including kidney, endometrium, colon, prostate,  gallbladder, and breast in postmenopausal women. Evidence from recent diet and nutrition studies showed that fruit and vegetable intake is critically important in risk reduction for many cancers. Antioxidants also protect the body against free radical damage. So very important to up the antioxidant intake through diet! The “5-a-day” rule should thus definitely be encouraged and even expanded to “5-a-day-minimum”! Recent evidence also suggests that the percentage of fat in our diets is not a major cause of cancers of the breast or colon. Higher intakes of red meat and dairy products has however been associated with greater risk of prostate cancer,...

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